Hello fatal viewers. What you see here is Steel-Ace, the most violent robber of them all.


In the begining, Steel-Ace was nothing but a disaster at school. He was a bully; even in pre-school! His parents thought he was a good kid, but he was not. When his parents died of cancer, Steel-Ace got in a rage. That rage made him powerful, so every pokemon he meets will be defeated in 1 blow. Then 1 night, he saw some precious treasure in the Kecleon Shop. He got a cloth bag, then took them with him. Day after day after day he did this,stealing here and stealing there, Steel-Ace loved it.


Steel-Ace was robbing, until now. One day when he was robbing, Magnezone caught him. He told Steel-Ace to put
Th Steelaceprofilepic

Picture of Steel-Ace

down the bag and put those wings on the wall. And so he did. Magnezone arrested him for that agressive crime. The pokemon of Pokemon Square were happy, because that means that criminal won't hurt them for the next 5 years. When Steel-Ace was in
Th skarmory00

Skarmory suprised to find Magnezone

the grasp of Magnezone, he was thinking of what he had done. But then he hatched an idea.......


While in that dumb old cage, Steel-Ace was using Steel-Wing on the bars serveral times, and they broke down. The only way he was going to escape is that if he could outwit the guards outside. So he was trying to make a duiscuise, but he thought it wouldn't work. So he just charged out, headbutting the guards.

Picture of a small guard of the prison

TOO LOUD!!!!!!!

Picture of a guard that guarded outside

Then he flew out, glowing in the day sky.
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Picture of Steel-Ace glowing in the sky

Robbing againEdit

Escaping from jail just made Steel-Ace's day. The pokemon were shocked to see him out of the most violent-treating and dangerous jail in history in seconds. In fact, seeing that crowned Steel-Ace King of The Robbers. Being King of the robbers wasn't so bad because everytime he was in somewhere, everyone runs away from him. In fact, Pokemon are getting confused with other Skarmory thinking that their Steel-Ace!
Th Skarmory

Steel-Ace walking to the Kecleon shop (ingnore the Cartoon Network thing LOL)

Yay woot

Picture of Tropius (codename Ace)

Enemies of Steel-AceEdit

The Enemies of Steel-Ace weren't that friendly. Imeadietly when they see him, they attack. But as usual, Steel-Ace beats them up. Here a list of them:

Tropius:Tropius was the best robber in history right before Steel-Ace. When Tropius heard about what happened with Steel-Ace, he was furious.He tried to knock Steel-Ace out with Razor Leaf, but it failed. An Air Slash knocked him (knocked Tropius) out,so he was in training.

Magnezone: Magnezone is a cop, so thats why they are enemies.

Exploration/Rescue Teams: Exploration/Rescue Teams are nothing but a pain in the butt. Steel-Ace eventually avoids Exploration Teams, while he often pounces and fights them.

Friends of Steel-AceEdit

Agility the Swellow: Agility is scatterbrained usually. However, his attack and speed are good.

Nightmare the Honchcrow: Honchcrow is normaly the mischievious one, but Steel-Ace has more mischief in his mind than him. But his Dark Pulse can knock out a swarm of Beedrill around him.